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Extinction Rebellion halts Sheffield Council meeting

February 2020

On Wednesday 5th February, one year after Sheffield City Council declared a climate emergency, Extinction Rebellion Sheffield members disrupted the council meeting to demand action is taken about the climate crisis. Thirty members of the environmental campaign group stood in the gallery and chanted, sang and dropped banners that read “Time is running out”, “Climate action now” and “Citizens assembly now”. Some members also stood behind the Lord Mayor and the cabinet with a large banner saying “Tell Sheffield the climate truth!”

The council chamber was cleared of most councillors and Extinction Rebellion Sheffield continued the protest outside, including a mass die-in. Councillors tweeted during the disruption.

Previously the environmental campaign group has presented multiple questions and two petitions to the council, highlighting council inaction over the past year, not telling the climate truth to the citizens of Sheffield and failure to create a citizens assembly before the council’s own deadline of 31st December 2019. This last year of negligence puts Sheffield residents at further risk from the effects of the climate breakdown.

Extinction Rebellion member Dr Bing Jones said, “Sheffield City Council is neglecting its duty. They have made no real effort to tell the people of Sheffield how risky it is to delay. The Tyndall Report that they commissioned requires massive CO2 emission cuts, now. They are ideally placed to initiate a wide and imaginative discussion but do nothing except delay."

Extinction Rebellion Sheffield

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