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Extinction Rebellion Sheffield statement

Statement 24th April 2019

This week activists from Extinction Rebellion Sheffield engaged in a major protest that saw more arrests than the poll tax riots and, unlike the riots, was entirely peaceful. This movement was in favour of a sustainable world free from the impending threat of climate breakdown and full of new possibilities. In an attempt to bring a taster of this pollution free world to the streets of London some of the major roads were blocked, the sound of birdsong rang out from the doorstep of BP’s headquarters and speeches proposing solutions to the climate crisis were made.

All levels of government from Sheffield City Council to national government have been inactive on this issue for too long. They have engaged in destructive practices ranging from tree-felling and road-widening to fracking and “current, very creative, carbon accounting” (Great Thunberg, 2019). This has left the planet in a state of emergency. We are living through the world’s sixth mass species extinction (Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich, and Rodolfo Dirzo, 2017) and face the loss of many well loved species.

We observe wildfires across local, well-loved moorland. The frequency of these fires is only likely to increase with rising global temperatures (Steven W. Running, 2006). Extinction Rebellion Sheffield activist are willing to face arrest on charges of obstructing the highway in order to demand that we tackle the climate crisis now to ensure an inhabitable world in the future.

Fortunately, we have now seen some positive response from those in power. Michael Gove has agree to meet us and Labour has given us their backing. Unfortunately, meetings and talks will not solve the crisis. This can only be done through action.

Extinction Rebellion Sheffield invites all those interested in ensuring action is taken to join us in planning future disruptive and collaborative non-violent direct action on the streets of Sheffield. Meetings are every Monday evening at Union St. Cafe. We hope to see you there.

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