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Labour Representation public meeting

Wed 28 Apr 2010 7.30pm Red Deer pub, 18 Pitt Street, (behind West St.) S1 4DD

South Yorkshire Labour Representation Committee public meeting on The General Election: What choice for workers, trade unions and the left? Speakers and discussion (UNITE British Airways speaker invited) "Despair and disappointment at New Labour's performance has disillusioned our core vote - working people, trade unionists and the left. No wonder New Labour is struggling in the polls as the election looms. But everyone of us knows the Tories would be much worse – attacks on trade union rights, cuts in public services and even more favours for the rich. The choice is clear – we need to vote Labour to keep the Tories out. But we must ensure our voice is heard in Labour after the election – and that workers and their trade unions get maximum support when resisting attacks on jobs terms and conditions."

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