The Left Case Against the EU

Date, Time & Location Sat 11 Jun 2016, 1pm Theatre Delicatessen, 17 The Moor S1 4PF
Details The mainstream debate on the EU referendum is dominated by nationalism, xenophobia and pro-business arguments on both sides. #Lexit: The Left Leave Campaign exists to put forward a different view. They argue that the EU has been a disaster for trade unions, public services and the rights of refugees across the continent. The TTIP trade deal, the work of the Troika in Greece and elsewhere, and the assault on migrants on the borders of Europe show the true nature of the EU. There have not been many opportunities to take part in debates about the EU, and the referendum. How much did people discuss the European Union before the referendum was organised? Not much, and there has never been adequate coverage in the media about the structure, the history, the workings, and politics of the EU. Whatever your position, or if you are still undecided, please come along to this meeting to hear the socialist case for voting to leave. Speakers include: Tosh McDonald, President of the ASLEF train drivers’ union Joseph Choonara, Socialist Workers Party Steve Andrews, Communist Party Joginder Bains, The Indian Workers’ Association The community cafe will be open from 11am. Music and YouTube viewing to support the meeting. Left Leave Campaign