Talk: Recovery and Drug Legalisation

Date, Time & Location Wed 9 Mar 2016, 10am - 1pm, Collegiate Hall, Collegiate Campus,off Ecclesall Road
Details The assumption is that the recovery model is synonymous with abstinence and prohibition. As the arguments for legalisation and decriminalisation become more compelling, how can they be embedded within a recovery model for treatment? Part of Social Justice Week, a joint initiative between the Sheffield Hallam University's Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice and the Department of Humanities, offering a range of events. A diverse range of agencies, individuals and organisations linked by commitment to the principles of social justice come together annually to disseminate what they have achieved and to re-affirm and build on these shared values and public commitments. The week includes a range of presentations, discussions, events and exhibitions that will engage our communities in understanding what they do around social justice, aiming to inspire participation and engagement in future events. The full programme is online here Book your place and read more details here