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Open Rights Group: "Changes to medical confidentiality"

Wed 12 Feb 2014, 6.30 for 7pm Shakespeare pub (upstairs), 146-148 Gibralter Street

This is the group for anyone interested in digital rights: copyright, freedom of expression, censorship, parody, privacy, open data, free software. The national organisation ( ) has a legal team looking at implications of GCHQ, Snowden, etc. Locally the group has themed discussions at monthly meetings, this month: medical confidentiality.Significant changes to how your medical data is handled are happening now. Medical data that was previously under the control of your GP is going to be uploaded to a central location with in the NHS and shared with other organisations for a variety of purposes. You may have had a junk mail style leaflet through your door entitled "Better infomation means better care". Unfortunately, NHS England – the commissioning body that now runs the NHS in England – has decided not to include an opt out form with the leaflet and the information in it says you should "speak to your GP practice" if you want to stop your or your family's confidential medical information being uploaded and passed on.Fortunately the medConfidential campaign ( ) have provided a form and a letter that you can hand in to your GP practice. The choice to opt out is yours. You do not have to justify it but if you want to keep your records private and confidential then you need to act now.The group will be discussing how to opt-out and stop your data from being uploaded. Also the implications of this change to how medical data will be used and shared and how it can be beneficial in some ways and damaging in others.Open Rights Group Sheffield

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