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Sheffield Friday Night Ride: FoodBanks

Fri 14 Mar 2014, 6.30pm start: Park Square, at bottom of South St.

SFNR usually offers a fun monthly evening bike ride on a theme. This time it's different. A cycle ride to acknowledge and increase the publicity that there are at least nine foodbanks in Sheffield offering relief to people too poor to feed themselves. The ride will visit each foodbank and the districts they are in. Locations are spread around, and involve nearly 20 miles of cycling and two tough climbs so some riders may like to ride only sections of it, that's OK.As an act of charity each rider will carry nine items of food and 'symbolically' donate one item at each location. Riders can collect or receive the nine items from friends, colleagues or family, who can even donate food as the ride passes by. Here is an 'indicative' list of appropriate items At the finish, bring sandwiches for a viewing of The Hunger Games projected by the Magic Lantern Film Club (MLFC) at Heeley Institute on Gleadless Rd. This film is about a dystopia where groups of impoverished (and hungry) underclasses have their youngsters exploited by providing entertainment for a ruling, well fed plutocracy. The youngsters fight each other competitively to the death for their own group. The film is about how resilience and guile along with cooperation can change things and provide the inspiration for resistance. Donations of of approx £1.50 a rider to cover venue costs and you can join the MLFC or make a donation. If you want to come along and just watch the film and if you are waged then entry is only possible by bringing (a lot of) food (not just a tin of beans) to donate to a foodbank. SFNR can do as much as possible to publicise the ride, riders and other groups have offered to do the same, others who don't ride with SFNR may want to join in, and others who find out about it may be prompted to donate to a foodbank. The foodbanks have welcomed this ride, organised with their knowledge and help.

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