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Skeptics in the Pub: "If you could do one thing..."

Mon 24 Feb 2014, 7.30pm, Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Farm Rd. S2 2TP

For 5-25 year olds, road casualty is the most likely cause of death, injuries are more likely to affect poorer people and there are enormous benefits from 20mph limits in promoting active lifestyles. Anna Semlyen talks about the biggest risk we face daily. Learn about, and ask questions on the science behind setting speed limits. Find out why 20mph matters where people live, work, shop and learn. The UK is in transition to a 20mph limit. 12m people already live where 20mph is, or will be the norm – eg 90% of Birmingham, 95% of York. The speaker will bust the speed limit myths - humps are not required and that 20mph limits do not have much effect on urban journey times. Also that 20mph limits reduce pollution and can be enforced.Plus advice on how to be an effective activist from an award winning campaigner. Anna supports 20's Plenty for Us campaign groups Nationwide, is a City of York Councillor and Transport Scrutiny Chair and author of Cutting Your Car Use, the world's best selling guide to driving less (140,000 copies sold).Skeptics in the Pub is about getting people together to have a relaxed and enjoyable evening while listening to talks on a wide range of topics, usually by a notable scientist or skeptic. Talks are typically about a common belief that can be demonstrated to be false or cannot be justified by the available evidence. The events are free though they ask for a £3 donation, and the meetings are open to all whatever your beliefs and views so please come along.

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