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Marks & Spencer workfare protest: round two

Sat 13 Jul 2013, 12.00, Marks and Spencers, Fargate

There's nothing fair about workfare! Marks and Spencers have announced they're taking on 1,400 staff unpaid. This has caused a storm of outrage up and down the country, including a protest at their store on Fargate that met with a good response and managed to turn some shoppers away. But to force them to stop using workfare, we need to keep up the pressure with a sustained campaign of the kind that caused Homebase and Holland & Barrett to pull out. That's why Unite Community Sheffield will be back this Saturday from 12 to let them know what people think of unpaid work, and they'd like you to join in.More about workfare:Workfare is sold as a way to help young people by giving them work experience. In fact, it hurts us all, by allowing employers to replace paid jobs and undermine pay and conditions, meaning there won't be careers for young people to go into. Why would employers bother paying staff if the government is offering them forced labour for free?Workfare schemes are a subsidy to business, providing them with free workers at public expense. Pressuring unemployed people into working for free affects everyone, as workfare means less pay for us and more profits for big companies. Instead of making it easier for people to get jobs, workfare will mean more people end up unemployed as their jobs are replaced by unpaid placements. But we can fight back against workfare. Campaigns have already forced a number of big employers, like Holland & Barrett, to pull out, and if we keep the pressure up we can achieve even more. It's not about workers versus unemployed, we all need to stick together to defend our living standards against the bosses.Facebook event

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