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Axe the Tax AND Workfare protests

Sat 1 Jun 2013, 1pm, outside the Town Hall

From 12.00 noon Sheffield Town Hall will see a demonstration to protest against the "Bedroom Tax". Then, from 1pm, a "Workfare" protest meets outside the Town Hall before moving off. The government is running scared of protests over workfare. They've been to court to try and keep the names of workfare exploiters from being published because they're scared that protests will cause the whole scheme to collapse. If we keep the pressure on, we can turn their fears into reality.On Saturday June 1st, Unite Community members will be paying a visit to a workfare exploiter to let them know what they think of forced unpaid work, and would like you to join them. Meeting up at 1pm outside the Town Hall, just off Fargate, before moving off.For more info on the government's attempts to keep workfare a secret, see Facebook event

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