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2 Short talks - Skeptics in the Pub

Mon 15 Aug 2011, 7.30pm Showroom Cafe Bar, 15 Paternoster Row S1 2BX

Two short talks, arranged by Sheffield's Skeptics in the Pub group. All welcome, whatever your beliefs.Thomas Evans asks: Fluoride - do we want it in our water? Dental students will attempt to pin down the evidence and ethics behind water fluoridation in 20 minutes. What does fluoride do? Does fluoridation work? Is it harmful? Why isn't all water fluoridated? Arguments for and against putting fluoride in the water will be examined with a critical eye, with the aim to entertain and inform.Followed by Mary Langridge, Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University: Explaining social behaviours such as cooperation and altruism is one of the greatest challenges facing the biological and social sciences. Darwin's theory of natural selection provides an excellent framework within which to examine theories across the disciplines. This talk will lead you through the basic theories in this area, explaining how benefits to our relatives, our reputation and our self-concept lead us to perform bizarrely altruistic acts; from giving money to charity, to donating blood or laying down our life for others.

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