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Sheffield Sisters Against Female Exploitation (SAFE) protest

Fri 13 May 2011, from 7.30pm two venues, see below

Sheffield Sisters Against Female Exploitation (SAFE) is a group of women who are angry about the sexual exploitation of women in lap dancing clubs and the idea that women's bodies are a commodity that can be bought and sold as though no more than mere objects. It is very harmful to the women involved in what is a multi-million pound industry and ultimately to all women, as it helps create a dehumanised view of women and gives the message that women's bodies are for male consumption. This is in the context of a society in which there is widespread violence against women.We can't help but notice that lap dancing clubs are being allowed into the mainstream in Sheffield with the appearance first of Spearmint Rhino in the so-called 'cultural quarter' of the city centre a few years ago and more recently by Scores Striptease Club near John Lewis. You may have noticed the semi-naked women painted on the front of Scores as you've walked or driven past.Now that Sheffield Council has recently opted to adopt a licensing policy that addresses the regulation of strip clubs as Sexual Entertainment Venues it has the the legal right to decide how many such venues should be allowed in any given area.SAFE is calling on Sheffield to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards lap dancing clubs. Join in protesting against the objectification and sexual exploitation of women.Demonstrating outside Scores (2-4 Charter Square, opposite Debenhams), and moving on to Spearmint Rhino (60 Brown Street, opposite Sheffield Hallam University Student Union).

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