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Film screening: PIRATE FOR THE SEA

Fri 8 Apr 2011 7-10pm, The Old Junior School, Sharrow, Sheffield, S7 1BD

Come along to a charity film screening of The Whale Warrior: Pirate for the Sea! A biographical film of the most daring and adventurous marine environmental activist ever... Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Learn more about his early campaigns protesting the killing of seals, whales and dolphins as the youngest founding member of Greenpeace and watch as he dodges jail time, death threats and gunfire as a result of direct intervention to end the destruction of our oceans.Considered 'too extreme' for Greenpeace he was ejected from the organisation in the late 70s and went on to found the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - famed for exposing and confronting illegal poaching on the high seas.Over the last several years the organisation has experienced a number of great successes, thanks in part to their hit Animal Planet series Whale Wars, increased exposure and international support.If you want to know more about Paul Watson, early Greenpeace/Sea Shepherd or just enjoy a rip-roaring tale of adventure on the ice and high seas come along and you won't be disappointed. Great food on offer and a delicious vegan bake sale to suit all tastes. All they ask is for a £5 donation to further support the mission to end the slaughter of marine wildlife and conserve our ecosystems.See all this on the Facebook events pageWebsite: Event information

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