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How can we take down the government, and what's the alternative?

Thur 31 Mar 2010, 7pm, Showroom Screen 5, Paternoster Row, S1 2BX

On Saturday over two thousand trade unionists, students, and members of community groups from Sheffield will join hundreds of thousands from across the country to descend up on London to join the TUC organised "March for the Alternative". This will challenge the ideological cuts to public services which the government are undertaking.On the demonstration many activists are looking at turning Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square, taking inspiration from the recent revolution in Egypt. In a joint statement Labour MPs John Mcdonnell and Jeremy Corbyn have called for protesters to "stay in Trafalgar Square for 24 hours to turn Trafalgar Square into a place of people's power" to "assert our alternative to cuts and austerity and make it a day that this government won't forget." In Sheffield next week prompted by the return from Saturdays protests a meeting titled "How can we take down the government, and what's the alternative?" has been organised by Sheffield Socialist Workers Party. Speakers so far include:-Jim Board - Doncaster Unison Branch Secretary (pc)Maxine Bowler - prospect socialist electoral candidate

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