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The guide to Sheffield's
radical, alternative, ethical
business and groups

About Us

What we feature

We help to publicise DIY alternatives to global capitalism; radical, co-operative, not-for-profit, social and ethical organisations, groups and events with a political focus.

The small print

This website is independent, self-funded and not-for-profit, and voluntarily run. It exists purely as an information service and has no connection with the organisations it features. (Except that we like them!)

Ideas for inclusion are very welcome but we reserve the right to give priority to items we consider will fit the definition above. We value equality and reject any language, imagery, or other forms of communication promoting racism, fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism or any other form of discrimination.

Web Logs

This web site has been set up to track usage, using a secure implementation of Piwik which is set to respect users Do Not Track headers, so users can opt-out of tracking.


This website is hosted by Webarchitects Co-operative in Iceland where the electricity is from renewable sources.

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