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September 2019

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Natalie Bennett appointed to House of Lords

Sept 2019

Natalie Bennett, the former Green Party leader who lives in Sheffield, has been appointed to the House of Lords - which she thinks should be abolished. She noted that the Greens have three parliamentary representatives but this is only 0.2% of the combined...

Tenants: Sign the open letter from ACORN

Sept 2019

For years ACORN has been on the front line of the fight against homelessness and housing insecurity. They have prevented hundreds of evictions and where necessary, physically stopped them by confronting bailiffs and landlords with united community action.F...

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Joel from Sheffield
Great site, one for the favorites! Well done. I'll advertise it to all I know

Events Listings

23rd June 2019

Regional TUC Conference on Racism and Fascism

Sun 23 June 2019, 12-5pm, Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre St. S1 4QZ

After the European elections – How do we stop the rise of the far right? Organised by Stand Up to Racism and supported by Yorks and Humber TUC.

Speakers include Joanne Thomas Regional TUC President and Reg. Sec. USDAW.

The Conference takes part at the end of the Migration Matters festival/Refugee Week which includes cultural and political events at Theatre Deli, from June 14-22.

Stand Up To Racism, Yorkshire Conference

Sun 23 Jun 2019, 12-5pm, Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre St. S1 4QZ

Conference to build a #WorldAgainstRacism, uniting campaigns against racism and fascism, trade unions and faith groups.

After the European elections - How do we stop the rise of the far right? Around the world we are seeing a rise in the racist and fascist forces on a scale not witnessed since the 1930s. From Trump in the States to Bolsonaro in Brazil, Le Pen and Salvini in Europe, and Tommy Robinson in the UK, the far right feel emboldened by growing Islamophobia, antisemitism and racism. Ongoing institutionalised racism and the disgusting scapegoating of migrants, Muslims and refugees from the top of the establishment only acts to fan the flames of the far right forces seeking to exploit the Brexit crisis.

We must stand together, whatever our different views on Brexit, and unite against them. We have to build a mass anti-racist movement to end the "hostile environment" and celebrate and defend our multiculturalism and diversity. This conference is for anyone wanting to fight racism and the rise of the far right.

Includes community meal fundraiser for refugees, film showing - organising against racism in the workplace, and workshops: Kick Racism out of Football; Challenging the Rise of the far-right; Institutional Racism, Islamophobia and anti-semitism; War and climate chaos: solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers.

Organised and hosted by Yorkshire and Humber TUC and Stand Up To Racism, to end the Migration Matters festival/Refugee Week. Register for free on Eventbrite

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